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Electron Microscopes
Through generous contributions from alumni and friends of Trevecca, we have acquired two scanning electron microscopes (SEM).  The first system has a cold field emission electron gun which allows it to image insulating samples at high resolution.  Trevecca students have worked with faculty to set up this SEM and create a digital imaging system to collect high-resolution digital images.  The second electron microscope has a low-vacuum mode for imaging "wet" samples, plus an Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) system which can identify the elemental composition of samples. 
Trevecca's Field Emission SEM
Trevecca's Variable Pressure SEM with EDAX
SEM images from our electron microscopes
3-D Images from our electron microscopes are below - red/blue 3D glasses required
3-D SEM images generated from two images scanned at different sample tilt angles
(red/blue 3-D glasses required)
Contact Dr. Fred Cawthorne for more information!
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