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SQUID Microscope
Trevecca's magnetic imaging research program gives students a unique opportunity to work with a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) microscope which can image very small magnetic fields. Students working on the project can develop hands-on experience with advanced electronics and signal processing, cryogenics, vacuum systems, mechanical design, superconductivity, data acquisition, scientific instrumentation, and software development.  Through collaboration with Neocera, LLC and the University of Maryland, we participate in several externally-funded research projects.  Trevecca student research assistants working on this project are paid through a grant from Neocera.   
SQUID microscope at Trevecca
Image from the magnetic toner of a Laser-printed Trevecca logo 
Scan of a circuit board showing an optical image (left), magnetic image (center) and current image (right)
Close-up view of the SQUID microscope
Contact Dr. Fred Cawthorne for more information!
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