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Student Design Projects
Each year, Trevecca's physics and engineering first-year students have the opportunity to participate in a design project where they learn the basics of mechanical design using SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor.  Students then fabricate their designs in our machine shop or using our 3-D printers.  The designs often are then extended or completed in subsequent courses.  
Trevecca students designed and assembled a thermal evaporation vacuum system which is used to create a thin layer of gold to make electrical connection to the SQUID sensors used in the SQUID microscope project.  The bottom left shows copper components that were made by students using our machine shop.
Using SolidWorks, students designed and built this double pendulum which demonstrates chaotic motion.  In our computer technology for the sciences class, students used a repurposed "twirly" board that provided wireless readout for two optical encoders which detect the angle of each arm.  The graph shows multiple runs which start from the same position.  The video shows four separate runs of the pendulum.  The graph and video show that even when starting in almost the same position, the resulting motion is very different - this shows the nature of chaos.
Students designed this balancing robot using SolidWorks and fabricated the parts in our machine shop and using our 3-D printers.  Logic for the servo encoders and remote control was then designed in the digital electronics class.  The robot is controlled by an Altera DE0 FPGA board and a custom interface board made at Trevecca.
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