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Advanced Labs
Trevecca physics students have the opportunity to perform advanced laboratory experiments using custom-built and commercial equipment.  The advanced physics lab equipment includes two NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) systems, a diode laser spectroscopy apparatus, a cloud chamber, an atomic force microscope (AFM), two electron microscopes, a SQUID microscope, a cryogenic probe, and instrumentation such as data acquisition devices and lock-in amplifiers.   Students also have the opportunity to extend advanced labs into projects where they can design and construct custom experiments using our machine shop, 3-D printers, or electronics equipment.  Highlights of these labs are shown in the images below
The Atomic Force Microscope and a scan showing data bits on a compact disc
Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) experiment with custom-built electronics and custom software designed by Trevecca students.  
Cryogenic probe with turbo pumping station and liquid nitrogen dewar
Diode Laser Spectrometer
Cloud chamber video showing high energy particle tracks
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