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3D Printers
Trevecca's 3-D Printer lab currently has 5 3-D printers which are avilable for students to create parts for projects or experiments.  Students also enjoy creating 3-D printed objects for fun as they are learning SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor.  
The Form1 was our first 3-D printer.  It uses resin that is cured using a laser, which draws one layer at a time.  The the build tank tilts down to "peel" each layer from the bottom of the tank.  Parts emerge upside-down from the liquid resin.
The Printrbot Simple Metal was our second 3-D printer.  We later upgraded this printer to include a heated bed.
The FlashForge Creator Pro has dual extruders and an enclosed print area and heated bed.
The Printrbot Play was built from a kit by Trevecca students.  We upgraded the printer to have a heated bed and extended Y axis.
The Printrbot Metal Plus is our latest 3-D printer.  It has a heated bed and a 10x10x10 inch build volume.
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